This is a portrait of transsexuals who work at night as prostitutes in Conde Redondo in Lisbon.
This work is a tribute to the beauty of androgyny.


‘We know that each person is unique.
We celebrate the unique beauty of each person.
All people produces gender, let us produce freedom.
We reinvent ourselves through desire.

I said, hey honey,
Take a walk on the wild side
And the colored girls say, doo do doo do doo do do doo

Our bodies are ours!, as are their colors and transactions. We know that we are all free when we visualized the beauty of androgyny that lives in the depths of each. It is like to be able to freely express our gender against the pressures, understanding the utopia that is in it. The right to live without asking permission.

Feel everything in every way, live it from all sides, said Fernando who was also a person, going to bed with all the feelings.

And yes, we are different.
And yes, we chose steep paths.
We believe in freedom, in love, beauty, pleasure, desire, the dream, solidarity, strength.

Now, we’re coming out
out of our closets
Out on the streets
yes, we’re coming out

Raquel Freire

(excerpts of “Make up” and “Take a walk on the wild side” by Lou Reed.
excerpts of “Passagem das Horas” by Álvaro de Campos –  Fernando Pessoa.
Gracias à Guerrilha Travolaka*)

(ler texto em português)