art stabs power: que se vayan todos!


LONDON > Bermondsey Project (2014)
ART STABS POWER: que se vayan todos!
Curated by Ines Valle

“ART STABS POWER – Que se vayan todos!” is an exhibition focusing on the several policies
of austerity imposed to Portugal, its impacts in Society and in the Arts. Art has always
remained a critical and conscious platform reflecting upon the local social and political issues
that consequentially mirror global politics and international interests…
projects that are a manifestation and/or reflection on the current austerity policies
that have brutally impacted the lives of the Europeans and Portuguese people
as well as the future of their country.


Série ‘Youth of Athens’
Dimensões: 110 x 130 cm
2013 (Data da Prova)
Edição de 3 (+1PA)
Inkject Epson Ultrachrome K3 s/ Epson Luster photo paper


10584058_10203502302972035_5972392519451998599_n  10441303_10203502381453997_6432876114243199316_n  10568917_10203502309452197_3705641761239635824_n 15129_10203502303772055_2598766678957838828_n  10336589_10203502302412021_8027705883182380330_n

Bermondsey Project