youth of athens

“Jovens de Atenas”
(Youth Of Athens)
13,49 min
Director: Pauliana Valente Pimentel
Camera and Sound: Sofia Arriscado
Editing: Pauliana Valente Pimentel e Sofia Arriscado
Produced by Pauliana Valente Pimentel

Drawing inspiration from a memorable lyrics by Chico Buarque and Augusto Boal, “Women of Athens” (1976) – Pauliana Valente Pimentel goes through these paradoxes of our time with a unusual acuity, both in the photographs that she took and in the video she directed, appealing to a bold and profound reflection on what has happened for the young people of Athens, like the women sung by Chico Buarque, “have no dreams, only have presages.”
Manuel Maria Carrilho