“Photographic Narratives in Intendente”
Portfolio conceptual analysis and construction
Casa Independente
Pauliana Valente Pimentel
Intendente, a Lisbon historic district, has always been a popular area of trade where the public place is intensely lived. This neighborhood has always suffered many negative connotations with problems linked to prostitution, traffic and consumption of drugs and successive waves of immigration. Today the transformation of this neighborhood is very fast, partly due to the urban plan implemented by public policies that aim to revitalize the urban and social fabric of the area. This ten days workshop takes students to explore Intendente in its various aspects, the people, the street dynamics, local shops, day and night, in order to create a personal project, according to the vision of each student.
During the workshop the portfolios brought by the students will be exanimate, and over these 10 day, classes will be given on technical and aesthetic aspects. At the same time the teacher will show her personal work and lead the students to produce new photos. In the end, the work produced will be discussed in order to make plans for the future projects. There will be also, after the workshop. a presentation of the projects created by the students in Casa Independente.


De 1 to 10 of March 2017

DAY 1: Presentation.  Portfolios evaluations and project proposals
DAY 2, 3: Project proposals and repérage in Intendente
DAY 4 a 7: Daily meeting – Work in Progress
DAY 8 ,10: Editing
Another time: Exhibition, fanzine presentation in CASA INDEPENDENTE *

* to be define by the group
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